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Thread: The State of Your Ocean

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    Default The State of Your Ocean

    A few recent threads have shown that there are actually plenty of people willing to talk on these forums - they are just not very good at finding something interesting in the game to talk about.

    I thought one thing that would be interesting would be hearing about the different oceans. I sure would love to hear about the state of the different oceans and what stories people have to tell.

    I'll try to tell my view of ocean 54 - others who are more involved might to it much better.

    Ocean 54

    General overview

    This is the home of Tiny Teddies, and they are the big bad to look out for. No doubt that they have quite a stronghold here. Another decent alliance in this ocean are The Pink Death, who seem like a mixed bunch, who at least have a few strong players. Only the top five alliances really seem worth a mention. Kraken and The Dark Crusade both come off a quite harmless, with the latter probably looking the most hopeful. Order of the Temple O 54 are probably the ones most likely to mingle as top alliance in this ocean, but even they are very limited.

    One top alliance that might join the ocean at some point is Oceans Elite, who look very active and a somewhat close by, with four cities (one recently conquered) residing with this ocean. I think there's a chance we might see WOLFPACK as well. I suppose Goddess deserve an honorable mention as well (with them being fairly powerful in ocean 44), but I'm yet to see them leave any mark on the ocean.

    My own situation

    My part of the ocean is fairly quiet, despite The Pink Death knocking on the door. I think this is probably a general reflection of the ocean, which looks to be fairly dead after Tiny Teddies conquered it. I have been saddened by looking around and seeing that around half the players with more than 1000 points near me were inactive - half of those are conquered now, though, and hopefully more active players are moving in.

    I haven't been feeling any heat, but I'm still hopeful. I'm slowly building up my own alliance, but it'll be a while before we can do anything. I guess I am playing fairly defensively at the moment - not much to throw my units at, much unlike two weeks ago.

    As I started a week late, I'm in the northern outskirts of the ocean, so I'm not the in center of any action just yet. My position, as illustrated by Grepolis Maps:

    Top 15 alliances

    Top 15 players

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    could you ad in players bp +rep

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    Default Top fighters

    Sure, although that requires a bit more work (taking the stats from Grepostats). It's slightly misleading to rank the best fighters since battle points could be earned outside this ocean, but I'm taking the numbers from the top 40 players, who all seem to mainly be situated in this ocean:

    Top fighters (among top 40 players)

    1. Saxen 21,775 (rank 2)

    2. Solipsism 20,263 (rank 4)

    3. StyrMax 15,690 (rank 12)

    4. munafojx 14,215 (rank 30)

    5. haldira 13,430 (rank 3)

    6. HaruFrama 13,389 (rank 1)

    7. dijotrija 12,254 (rank 8)

    8. Morridin 12,137 (rank 7)

    9. hornslongtx 11,808 (rank 6)

    10. Section80 11,783 (rank 5)

    11. Damir Dambo 11,687 (rank 16)

    12. Tha Dutchman 10,951 (rank 20)

    13. wookieplus 9,814 (rank 10)

    14. Asjo 9,046 (rank 23)

    15. Petrona 8,577 (rank 11)

    16. xshahzad 8,450 (rank 18)

    17. Opsett 8,370 (rank 15)

    18. Garyrune 7,509 (rank 32)

    19. Dadderator 6,320 (rank 22)

    20. Raptorjesus 6,038 (rank 28)

    21. cpt.stone 6,034 (rank 29)

    22. Malhalla 5,827 (rank 9)

    23. Flatulance7 5,493 (rank 17)

    24. sai sumanth 4,081 (rank 27)

    25. Lord Korrondo 3,380 (rank 14)

    26. iStarDustx 3,283 (rank 21)

    27. fanbeast 3,328 (rank 19)

    28. zerubin 3,189 (rank 31)

    29. CheezeHead 3,038 (rank 36)

    30. APE1 3,037 (rank 26)

    31. DarrenShan 2,932 (rank 24)

    32. makeven 2,551 (rank 13)

    33. Zarmandh 2,520 (rank 25)

    34. tambal 1,596 (rank 39)

    35. Hokie74 1,515 (rank 33)

    36. QuarkQuasar 1,331 (rank 35)

    37. neinomei 1,041 (rank 34)

    38. karite 916 (rank 38)

    39. naiyeah 672 (rank 40)

    40. EsMatLa 626 (rank 37)
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    Very nice, perhaps you could ask someone in each of the other respective core oceans to do something similar like this and then you can update this thread, OR, you can do it yourself.
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    The idea is for anyone who visits this thread to do a similar presentation of their own ocean and post it here. I'm unable to do it, seeing as I'm not in other oceans.

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    Very good point and I thought that you might say that

    You've already done O54 then. Let's hope others can do some other oceans!
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    Look up. I'm not there? I never said I was.


    Ocean 45

    General Overview

    Territory of Waste Management, who at the current point in time are ridding the ocean of its garbage, one noob at a time They've established control of the part near the core and are looking like they will dominate. Little pockets of resistance here and there, but most are being put down.

    The other alliances in this ocean are Hornets, Legends, G.O.D. and Bad Company. Currently WM are busy with Hornets and Legends who reside nearer the core than the others.

    My Own Situation

    As a member of WM, I'm busy clearing up Hornets. I'm expanding in the general direction of WM. I only recently joined, and up to then it was mostly me having to survive against them in their core. Managed to get high DBP thanks to this as well as random people attacking cities under siege

    Things are looking quite good for me, got room to expand in any direction and I am hoping to grow fast now. Thanks to high DBP getting CP won't be too hard.

    Top 15 Alliances:

    Top 15 Players:


    The above post is my own opinion and is not the view of my alliance.

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    Default World overview

    Top 10 alliances - map overview

    I have tried to create a world overview containing the top 10 alliances. I might be hard to see, but islands with a normal green colour are those with cities that don't belong to the top 10 alliances. The grey ones are ones that do not have any cities on them.

    This shows things a little more clearly. We can observe several things:

    • Oceans Elite and Sanity are those of the top 10 alliances that are furthest away from the others, giving them more space to roam free.
    • The alliances with the greatest spread (ie. cover the biggest area) are, in order: Sanity, The Bish, The Others. Meanwhile, those with the smallest spread, in order, are: Waste Management, Oceans Elite and Chimera. Waste Management also come off as the most compact alliance, while Goddess I come off as quite shattered.
    • The mixing of the top alliances is quite limited. The two associated Chimera alliances obviously mix with each other on the left. They also mix with Goddess I, who, in turn, mix a bit with Tiny Teddies in the centre. Chimera also mixed with Patria Croatia of the bottom left.
    • Sanity is the only alliance with a dominant presence in two oceans.

    Top 10 alliances - ocean overview

    The Bish

    Rank: 1
    Placement: South east core
    Oceans: 55

    Tiny Teddies

    Rank: 2
    Placement: North east centre core
    Oceans: 54

    Waste Management

    Rank: 3
    Placement: South west centre core
    Oceans: 45

    Chimera Elite

    Rank: 4
    Placement: North west core
    Oceans: 44


    Rank: 5
    Placement: South
    Oceans: 56, 46

    The Others

    Rank: 6
    Placement: South east
    Oceans: 65

    Patria Croatia

    Rank: 7
    Placement: South west
    Oceans: 35, 45

    Patria Croatia

    Rank: 8
    Placement: South west
    Oceans: 35, 45

    Goddess I

    Rank: 9
    Placement: North west
    Oceans: 44


    Rank: 10
    Placement: North west
    Oceans: 44

    Ocean ranking

    Here you can see the top oceans. Interestingly, the four core oceans - 54, 44, 45, 55 - do not comprise the top 4. Ocean 65, where The Others reside, has more points than ocean 54, the weakest of the core oceans (probably because Tiny Teddies were the quickest to kill all others in this area, stunting general growth). Sanity's ocean 56 is also really strong, mingling with the top six oceans, which significantly stronger than the rest.

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    And you all thought I was kidding when I said
    Quote Originally Posted by Smiley. View Post
    we will have two oceans before any other allaince and I promise that Sanity will be the first in this world to accomplish that.

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    In my cave, under a shiny rock. If you visit please send wood for my fire.


    Quote Originally Posted by Smiley. View Post
    And you all thought I was kidding when I said
    Have fun conquering more 3k cities at the edge of the map while you "expand" in 2 oceans

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