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Thread: Conquering a city: Destroy its wall or not ?

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    Default Conquering a city: Destroy its wall or not ?

    Several threads here make note of the intrinsic defensive value of a city (i.e: cause casualties without troops present), and the defensive effect of a wall. In preparation for conquering a city, while clearing all troops, should the wall also be destroyed ?

    It seems that one would wish to retain the target city wall rather than rebuild from scratch.

    Comments ?

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    I prefer not to destroy wall while conquering a city as why to spend resources and time to build it again,yes you lost some more units due to wall factor but overall resource cost to build the wall again is much more

    I only destroy walls in ghost towns and inactive cities where I farm

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    i wouldn't destroy a wall,just don't use catapults
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    It depends on the resistance put up by that city.

    Usually I vary, sometimes with extreme resistance I knock down the wall, to clear the city for efficiently. However that is mainly also when I want to farm that player a bit before I conquer him/her.

    I would say don't knock down the wall, if you want to conquer the city in a quick movement.

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    It is a viable option in Revolt worlds that you may consider against very tough enemies that turtle; the expenses of rebuilding might be justified by taking a difficult city. In contrast, you want high level walls in Conquest because it aids the effectiveness of your siege (although it is usually the naval defenses that fall).

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