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Thread: How do I get rid of support troops an alliance member sent me?

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    Default How do I get rid of support troops an alliance member sent me?


    Somebody from my alliance sent me a transport ship and 10 hoplites as "support." I never asked for it and didn't want it, but now they are just taking up room in my city! When I attack someone, these troops just sit in my city and can't participate in the attacks, so they seem completely useless to me. I was really that this guy sent me stuff without my wanting it, but I can't get rid of them or figure out what to do with them.

    Are these support troops taking up some of my population?

    How can I get rid of these damn things?

    Can I deny support in the future?


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    Since supporting troops do not belong to you they do not take up your population and you can't use the troops to attack with. You can only use the troops recruited in the city to send in an attack. You can return the support by going to your Agora and clicking the defence tab. You can't deny support, but can send it back once it arrives. Support is useful when you are attacked since you have more troops defending your city.

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    OK, thanks. Some guy sent me a transport and 10 hoplites, though, which suck for defense. As long as it doesn't take up room, I guess it's OK though.

    I was unable to find any way of returning support through the Agora defence tab, though.
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    It may be a tripwire for when you are attacked. If you insist on ridding yourself of it click on the agora. Once you've done this at the top 4 tabs are there called culture, simulator, outside, and defense. Click on the defense tab like said before. Picture for reference
    grepo screenshot 1.jpg
    Now you should see a list like this
    grepo screen shot 2.jpg

    Sorry you have to click on the pictures to enlarge them :/
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    You can send it back in the Agora. However, there really is no reason that you would want to. These troops do not do you any harm, take up any space, eat any food, use any recorses or do any harm. However, they help when attacked. Basically they help you defend your city and ask for nothing in return.

    Why would you want to get rid of em?

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