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    Why do I have to change the time for the attack planner for every single city?? Why do I have to repeat every step for each city??

    I should be able to:

    1) pick my target
    2) set the time/date
    3) select cities from a list ONCE clicking the units
    4) press create plan button

    You pay extra with premium and get a mediocre product.

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    I think having access to attacking from all cities simultaneously would be a little overpowered, and thus they make it so that you have to put in some effort.

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    TBH you should just have to set the time once. I find it rather annoying having to enter the time 30 times so much so actually that i raley use the planner cause id rather just use a pen and paper as its less tedious than entering the time over and over again.

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    Hey bruno, on the plus side, your naval units fight 20% stronger and your trade products reach other islands twice as fast. lol!

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    I am fed up with a new pop in novelty, attack planner, suddenly I cannot attack cities as I used to. I tried all options and cannot get around it. It is a different way of calculating load of your ships - that's fine. But it does not allow me to attack straight away, it says PLAN, I hate it, I do put all into separate sheet to plan, a lot of writing and what for? for getting an imminent attack? and I cannot launch attack at all. It says your attack is in the past. No! it's not! time and date is correct - in the future.
    It says also that this option is available only in Captain option. I decided to remove my gold from captain but have to wait with my wonderful resources collection until it expires on 16/11. Then I relised I would loose an easy villages collection.
    Do not force me to use it! it should be the button attack active straight away!!!
    And finally, when I launch my attack this way, cos cannot do it otherwise, it said all the time: it is in the past - NO! it was not! no by my real time, no by the time I play in alliance!!! to launch the attack at 11:05 I had to put into planner 13:05 and god knows when it hits it as it was showing something like hr:27 mins?!?!?! what time is this? hrs change by hr between world places and not by stupid calculator.
    I was a Looter of the day twice so far and now cannot do it. Common!!! this is supposed to help us and not give us a head spin and confusion!
    Please repair this function ASAP giving an option what I want to do and fix the time there!

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    Another annoying thing about planner, I just discovered, what was yesterday possible by simply clicking on the city is not today with planner. I cannot attack city cos it does not come in a list!!!!! but it is there! when I click on it I specify what I want. THE PLANNER IS A NUSANCE! kill it and those who do not play but program only and do not check.
    I should have a choice for my money: to plan for long time vacation or launch attack being by the computer AT MY WISH WITHOUT ANY STUPID FUNCTION WHICH DO NOT FUNCTION!
    It spoiled my day and some days to come before it's fixed. This game is everything for me, now I get an angry face!

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