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Thread: The Guide to Grepolis (Updated)

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    Default Mythical Unit Comparisons

    Mythical Unit Comparisons

    Here I will be comparing EVERY mythical unit. I will use 360 FS per unit, so 12 Minotaurs; 8 Manticores; 9 Cyclop; 20 Medusa; 30 Centaur; 18 Pegasus; 25 5/7 Harpies; 6 6/11 Erinyes; 12 Cerberi
    All values are approximate
    Now let us begin:
    First Contest: Time & Favor
    First I list the actual production time then add to it the time it takes to produce it with a level 25 temple at speed 1, and barracks at level 1.
    Minotaur: 27:00:00+485hrs=512hrs(22.3 days)
    Manticore: 36:00:00+648hrs=684hrs(28.5 days)
    Cyclop: 36:00:00+648hrs=684 hrs(28.5 days)
    Medusa: 62:30:00+840hrs=900 hrs(37.5 days)
    Centaur: 34:00:00+600hrs=634 hrs(26.4 days)
    Pegasus: 36:00:00+648hrs=684hrs(28.5 days)
    Harpy: 36:00:00+668hrs=704hrs(29.3 days)
    Erinyes: 19:38:00+628hrs=648hrs(27 days)
    Cerberus: 14:00:00+552hrs=566hrs(23.6 days)

    Cerberus win. Medusa Fail. But remember, win you are making multiple divine units, you can (and sometimes must) start the first of the multiple divine units before you have all of the favor for the next unit. So these times are just to get an idea of which unit takes the longest when only producing a few (or one ).
    Second Contest: Resources (without favor)
    Wood ; Stone ; Silver ; total
    Minotaur: 16800; 7200; 37200; 61200
    Manticore: 35200; 24000; 27200; 86400
    Cyclop: 18000; 37800; 30240; 86040
    Medusa: 30000; 76000; 44000; 150000
    Harpy: 41200; 10300; 35000; 86500
    Centaur: 5200; 9000; 21000; 35200
    Pegasus: 50400; 6480; 1440; 58320
    Erinyes: 14700; 29400; 29400; 73500
    Cerberus: 13500; 16200; 32400; 62100

    Medusa fail. Centaur wins.
    Third Contest: Defense
    Order: Blunt; Sharp; Distance; total
    Minotaur: 8100; 3600; 6720; 18420
    Manticore: 1360; 1800; 4040; 7200
    Cyclop: 8505; 90; 11790; 20385
    Medusa: 12500; 8700; 7500; 28700
    Harpy: 2700; 1800; 27; 4527
    Centaur: 4500; 13500; 1800; 19800
    Pegasus: 16200; 4500; 5400; 26100
    Erinyes: 4503;4503;10740;19746

    Medusa is most balanced, but Cerberus has the highest total and highest in a single area (actually, the Cerberus is a lot like a swordsman ); Harpy and Manticore=FAIL
    Fourth Contest: Attack
    Minotaur: 5040 blunt
    Harpy: 6840 blunt
    Manticore: 7560 Sharp
    Medusa: 8500 Sharp
    Pegasus: 1800 Sharp
    Cyclop: 6804 distance
    Centaur: 4680 Distance
    Erinyes: 7920 distance
    Cerberus: 2520 blunt

    Medusa wins, Pegasus FAILS.
    Fifth Contest: Speed and Loot (Farming)
    Here you may assume that any units EXCEPT Manticore, Harpy, and Pegasus (flying units) have a speed of whatever your navy’s speed is because on real attacks or supports of other players, you will generally be going by boat, but I will provide the regular speeds as well
    Manticore (flying): 22
    Minotaur: 10
    Cyclop: 8
    Medusa: 6
    Harpy (flying): 25
    Centaur: 18
    Pegasus (flying): 35
    Erinyes: 10
    Cerberus: 4

    Pegasus wins, Cerberus fail

    Loot(without Booty)
    Minotaur: 5760
    Manticore: 2880
    Cyclop: 6804
    Medusa: 8000
    Harpy: ~8742
    Centaur: 6000
    Pegasus: 2880
    Erinyes: 2880
    Cerberus: 2880

    Harpy wins. Manti/Pegasus/Erinyes/Cerberus fail



    I will use 400 FS of each side. 8 Hydras vs. 25 biremes and 20 LS.

    First Competition: Attack
    Okay, first a review of individual units. A hydra has 1000/50, or 20, attack per pop, as does the Light Ship, and Biremes have 24/8, or 3, attack per population. Now this means that LS is still equal to Hydra, but using the numbers of each unit I listed earlier:
    Hydra: 8*1000=8000
    Regular ships: 24*25 + 20*200 = 600+4000=4600
    Hydra wins
    Second Competition: Defense
    Individual units:
    Hydra: 715/50=14.3 per pop
    Bireme: 160/8=20 per pop
    LS:200/60=3.33 per pop
    Bireme is well ahead individually, but overall:
    Regular:160*25 + 60*20= 4000+1200=5200
    Hydra still wins
    Third Contest:Speed
    Bireme wins with LS very close behind
    Regular win this one
    Fourth Contest: Resources ( I will throw in the favor for Hydra)
    Individual per pop. Wood; Stone; Silver; Favor
    Hydra: 108 ; 56 ; 76 ; 8
    Bireme: 100 ; 87.5 ; 22.5 ; 0
    Light Ship: 130 ; 30 ; 80 ; 0
    In general, I would say bireme is the best :S
    Overall (favor times are for a 5.0 favor/hr):
    Hydra: 43200 ; 22400 ; 30400 ; 3200 (640 hrs)
    Regular: 46000 ; 23500 ; 20500 ; 0
    Regular wins in general, especially with favor tipping the balance
    Fifth Contest: Time
    Remember, favor production time almost always greatly outweighs regular time.
    Hydra: 93:19:52 + 640 hrs = 733:19:52
    Regular: 2:45:00*25 + 4:00:00*20 = 68:45:00 + 80:00:00 = 148:45:00

    Hydra wins on the regular build time, but if you add the favor production it really adds up. And if you had Hydras such that they added up to 360 population (as in the other myth units), then the favor production would take 576 hrs (24 days) which is faster then other myth units.
    SO, Stick to the Biremes and Light Ships, however, if you wish to have some hydras, a 150 LS + 5 Hydras isn't such a bad idea for a naval attack force.

    Overview on the Overall Unit Page 6
    Done by: JKP3nt

    Page 11
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    Default Defensive LS


    "The best defense is a good offense." - Jack Dempsey

    "The only real defense is active defense" - Mao Zedong

    "It’s important to pre-emptively strike at those who intend to do us harm." - Matthew Levitt

    "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" - Ronald Regan

    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
    - Albert Einstein

    User: Cobblemix, you must be crazy!!!!!! Light Ships are for Offense, not defense!. You should know that.
    Cobble: hahahahahahaha, I am crazy!! But this actually might make sense! Teeheeheeheehee

    So now that you've spied on my conversation, I guess I should be explaining myself, even though you're the one who did the spying... hmm... Anyway, I learned this tactic back when I was in the alliance United Aegean Empire (UAE), it wasn't the most reputable alliance, as it was a MRA (Mass-Recruiting-Alliance). However, we had a brilliant leader. His name was Yondo. He taught this tactic before he disappeared. I was not allowed to post it at the time, I think its okay now though. Its a bit choppy, i don't remember it all, so I apologize.

    So here it is.


    Here's how it works. Let me set the scene..........

    *FLASH* You are an user with 5+ cities. You only have offensive cities. (ex. LS cities, and Horse cities). What's this? An incoming attack?

    *BOOM* How to survive with only offensive cities a.k.a. Saving money on defensive troops.

    If you wish to apply this tactic, hear me out. For all of your naval cities, only build LS. Now lets say you have 5 cities with 200 LS. I know that's alot. So now you have a ton of incomings to your cities. All you have to do, is keep dodging these attacks. What's this? A colony ship? You can't dodge that? hee hee hee, yes you can my friend! Send your 200 LS out of the city and bring it back within perfect timing so you kill the CS with its minimal defenses! plus you have 800 more LS at the ready! Presto! You've broken the siege.

    But Cobblemix! What if I want to conquer a city? How can I maintain a siege with only Light Ships? Well, you can't. Get some friends and find an alliance. Provide the alliance with your awesome LS while they support you. Just think of having 10 cities with 200 LS. That's 2000 LS! Just have your gods as Poseidon (For Kingly Gift and Call of the Ocean) and Zeus (Favorable Wind).

    What you need to apply this tactic:
    -A Grepolis Account
    -Some Cities with a Harbor
    -Light Ships Researched
    -Light Ships
    -Eyes... and Hands.. oh and a Brain
    -Activity, and Skillful Planning

    Within your 5 cities you would have:
    200 LS in each city. (Give or take 20: 180-220 LS)

    You can also apply this tactic with offensive land troops.
    With 5 cities you would have:
    1500 Slingers
    1500 Hoplites
    500 Horsemen
    75 Transports
    (I don't know the exact numbers that are ideal)
    At least 25 LS for escort

    Another thing is that you do not generally Neeeeed defensive land troops at all, unless you are going to turtle the game. Def land troops won't fight unless the biremes are destroyed, in which case, your opponent is probably better than you anyways, and biremes can take out unescorted transports.. But if someone sends in a Manticore or Harpy Nuke on your conquering CS while you have no def land troops.. You might be in a LOT of trouble.. But then you find were those troops are and kill the nuke at home with your many off land troop cities

    Simple Enough, same thing. You just dodge the attacks, and bring your troops back. Every now then, you might get killed. But hey, this is Grepolis, , and it contains war.. Which reminds me...

    Don't say I didn't warn you

    On a side note: Theoretically, you can have a bunch of cities with 300 LS.. those cities would also have very slow resource production and build times.. but think.. 300 LS! With Captain, Battering Ram, and Favorable Winds. WOOT WOOT. now back to the original guide

    You can survive with only offensive troops! But that requires activity, planning, and an alliance.

    -You'll be a hero in your alliance (If you use your troops)
    -You wont be someone dependent on other's offensive troops.
    -You'll get way more BP this way.. its been proven
    -You won't be considered a Sim City player (an all-defensive player who conquers inactives)
    -You can eventually start your own Bireme gardens tee hee hee.. growing Biremes!
    -You'll feel like a man with all those 200 LS sitting in your cities. ("whether or not you are *cough* Ac04 *cough*")
    -You generally won't be afraid to attack anyone.

    -You need to be active
    -You need to have a stable alliance
    -You will be reliant on your alliance members for defensive support during conquests
    -Joint attacks on your cities from the enemy will drive you crazy and cause you to go mad
    -You will go mad, resulting in severe memory loss and violent mood swings
    -You'll be vulnerable if you try this tactic too early on.
    -You might be disappointed.


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    Default Cobble Cobble Cobble

    Reserved for:

    Bitter, party of 1

    This being the 13st post and all.. Makes it..





    Before we start.. some information about your terrible host...

    Name: Cobble
    Favorite Number: 13 (2nd: 4)
    Favorite Food: Mango
    Favorite Animal: Porcupine (2nd: Elephants)
    Favorite Color: Yellow
    Favorite Country: France (2nd: USA)
    Favorite Movie: Back to the Future
    Favorite TV Show: Family Guy (Oh yeah)
    Worlds I'm on at the time of this Post: Beta, Pi, Sigma

    Uhmm... I like Biking, Reading, Partying, Biking, Reading, Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming, Dream.. . . . . . . dr. . . . *Snore*. Huh? Oh yeah..


    So our musical guests tonight are:
    Five for Fighting
    Bon Jovi

    Crowded House
    Jay-Z & Alicia Keys


    SO LET'S GET THIS PARTY ST........ oh no.. I forgot it was my bedtime.. Goodnight y'all.
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    Default 2.0 Farming


    Here it is folks! The newest portion of my guides! 2.0 Farming strategies.

    What you'll need to stay ahead in 2.0 worlds:
    1. Booty researched
    2. Common Sense
    3. Activity
    4. All 8 farms on your island
    5. Access to Cobble's Guides!

    So let's start off with some basic requirements.
    First off you're going to need a level 7 academy to research booty.

    Normal Farming cities give you this option:

    But with booty, you get this option:

    As you can see, there is a slight error
    You get a better deal with 1 even though 2 takes away more of the mood.
    With Option 1: You get 1100 resources for a -48 mood reduction.
    With Option 2: You get 933 resources for a -72 mood reduction.

    As you can see, there are many more options. Now what I suggest for farming, is knowing when you'll be back on again. If you going to be back on again in 4 hours, choose the 4 hours farming choice. Also, never choose a looting option if it puts the farm's mood below 20. This lowers the chance of a revolt.

    Right before you go to bed, choose the 8 HOURS OPTION from either:
    DEMAND if its Low Mood
    LOOT if its 100 Mood

    Now you may be wondering if it is worth it to raise the farming level of your farms. The simple answer is yes. Once you start out, you should put an effort through to get all of the farms you've conquered so far to level 3. This way you can demand troops, or get a steady flow of resources to further your troop count, which can be used to further your farm expansion. Its a cycle of looting, demanding, and conquering. All benefits to you.

    Options you have with farm villages:
    1. Demanding
    2. Looting
    3. Units
    4. Expansion
    5. Trade

    1. Demanding
    a. For one this is a great tool if your farming village's mood is below 40. I usually only use the 20 minutes option. Or wait until the mood is higher so I can loot.

    2. Looting
    a. Way better than demanding. Only use when mood is +60. Great with Booty researched.

    3. Units
    a. You should only use this when you're first starting out. Doesn't really help that much later ingame, its actually more productive to use the resources gained to make troops, unless you need emergency defensive troops, but even then the most you can get is 8 swords or archers. (not very helpful)

    4. Expansion
    a. In the beginning, get farms to level 3 with extra resources (ex. You have 4000 wood, 200 stone, 3000 silver; Send 3500 wood and 2500 silver to farms, and then loot farms)

    5. Trade
    a. Never used it, never will. More productive to give extra resources to farms.

    Best Farming
    With a level 6 Farm, with Booty researched, you can Loot 1666 of each resource from 8 farms using the 8 hour option
    Thats 13328 of each resource. Its quite the load. Now thats some $$$ in your pocket that's ready to be used.

    Sorry Guys, but everyone has to do this. Even if people on your island have already cleared it, you still have to do so also.

    So here's what you're looking at in the line-up.
    Photo Courtesy of Grepolis Wiki

    So what if you want to make a defensive city??? You can't defeat these guys with defensive troops! Unless you want to lose a mass amount, and set yourself back in growth. No! There has to be an easier way. Well there is, and I'm gonna tell you it. It lies with a perfect amount of offensive troops. That's right, you can eliminate these pests and be worry-free!

    Just build 805 slingers!
    You should be left with just 4 slingers then! Use them for a fake! PERFECT. You can now conquer farming villages using your defensive cities! That's only 44275 wood, 80500 stone, 32200 silver!

    That might seem like a lot, but trust me. Its only about 3 full warehouses worth. You can build 805 slingers in less than a week! or 2 weeks if you aren't as active. Just think, All 8 Farming villages will be yours in 2 weeks or less! Recruit Now!

    Who would have thought that 2.0 Farming would be so easy! Now you know! Spread the word!

    Loot, Build, Expand, Wait, Loot, Recruit, Expand.
    (For single-city players, gaining all 8 farms is always unique to that player. There is no perfect way as I do not know your intentions when you're first starting out)

    The highest you should aim to expand your farming villages is Level 5!

    After that, you should only donate resources to a farming village if you have a full farm AND extra resources from a city festival.

    Once all farms are level 6, you're in paradise! Start trading with players

    JKP3nt's Advice:
    My thoughts:
    • I would suggest never using demand troops except in a dire defensive situation when you are sure so few troops can actually help you.
    • You loot at 40% mood? In Tau I had 2 FVs revolt at 79% mood when I only actually looted from 5 or 6 FVs
    • Personally, I disagree with your views on the trading. trading with FVs is a quick, profitable way to get the resources you need.
    • At one point, under "Best Farming" you claim that at FV level 6 you will get 13328 of each resource. You forget to cite that that is at the 8 hour option.
    • "Just build 805 slingers" is a bit hard for a player just coming out of BP. Could you adjust it to make it applicable to both newly conquered, high point cities as well as single city players?
    • And just a thing I want to suggest adding: When going to sleep or going away for at least 8 hours, it is a good idea to have already looted the FV far enough down so the mood does not hit 100 and not increase for a few hours.
      Example: It is almost time to go to bed, and my FV has 90% mood on a speed 2 world. If 8 hour demand and go to sleep now, then ~halfway through my sleep, the FV will hit 100, and then for the rest of the time I am asleep, it will not increase in mood, effectively wasting resources. So, I do a 10 minute loot, which gets it down to 78%. Because I usually do not sleep for 11 hours, I then do an 8 hour demand and wake up to a mood in the high 90's, but not hitting the top

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Voila, there you go! That's the 2.0 Farming Guide. The only big change to 2.0 strategies. Only overviews and handlings are different in 2.0. That and the Gods and Mythical Units. But I've already covered that! Happy Hunting!
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    Default Final Word

    1. Mail your comments and ideas to Cobble!
    2. +Rep him for putting countless hours into making this guide possible and even bothering to post a guide
    3. Spread the word to other players so that they might be able to use these strategies!
    4. Rate this Guide by mail or rep
    5. Thank Cobble
    6. Put these Strategies to use ASAP!!!!!!
    7. As always, Have a nice day

    Other various Guides i strongly recommend.

    The Conquering Guide By Darksunx
    Transports Guide By gadzooks
    Naval Combat Guide By Malevolent
    Being Farmed & Farming By Uona
    Unit Overview and Builds By Odoakar
    Grepolis Wiki By Grepolis

    ALSO: If you could please fill out this survey and mail your responses to Cobblemix, that would be GREATLY appreciated. This lets me know alot of things and I can improve the guide.. I know you just got done reading a bajillion pages, but please, fill it out.

    1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of this guide do you use?
    2. Scale of 1 to 10, how much do you agree with this guide?
    3. What section did you refer to most?
    4. How did you find this guide? (Alliance forums, friend recommendation, etc.)
    5. How pleased were you with this guide?
    6. What would you recommend for this guide?
    7. Would you recommend this guide for others?
    8. How much do you like Cobblemix??

    Thank you for your time. Your feedback will improve the guide for others and yourself

    Cobble's Many Thanks and Gratitude!!

    I personally would like to thank all of the following users/players who have helped made this wonderful guide possible!!!

    Gold Thanks

    Silver Thanks

    Bronze Thanks

    A Personal Thanks to Mike62, who kept me going through his indirect words:
    Every guide is welcome in the game, they make interesting reading, no-one person is allowed to make them and i say if youve made one yourself dont criticise when others do it.

    This guide would not have been possible without you guys. Thank you so much!!!!


    Yours truly, The one, The Only,



    this is great guide. It shows you the benefits of each unit in battle. I recommend everybody read this so they know what and not to put there time and resources in.

    Roaring Whisper

    I dont agree with all the points, but your rep should be higher for even bothing to post a guide.


    thanks alot for your guide.It's just great.
    I only started playing a few days ago so i'm pretty sure i'll appreciate it even more further on in the game.


    Hats off to Cobble
    Hats off to you for your admirable Big Grepo Guide.

    Grepolis thanks you


    Thanks for doing this, Nice guides, I have always enjoyed them


    Since Grepolis 2.0 is obviously very important, I will need to add it to my guide if I wish to maintain this guide as a "Good", even "Great" guide. SO: I will be accepting ANY work of guide material THROUGH MAIL! PM ME ON THESE FORUMS.

    There is no guarentee that your work will make it into my guides, but you will have a shot at eternal glory! I will look through EVERY piece of work submitted. If you have any questions, feel free to mail me on these forums. If your work is selected, or deemed worthy, I will contact you for further information regarding the guide.

    This submission is open to ALL players, young and old, weak and strong, normal and forum mods. Again, all work will be considered. The main part of your submission should be about strategies and techniques in 2.0. HOWEVER: I will also be considering work regarding 1.26, and material regarding EVERY WORLD.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to reading your work. I will be creating the MAJORITY of the 2.0 sections, so that this is still mainly My work, but I'm opening my gates to other people who want to voice their strategies and be heard. This is a great opportunity to get your reputation up on Grepolis.

    Thank you, and have a nice day
    Cobble (:

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